UE4 - Editor Web Browser

August 10, 2019

Project Details

  • Game Engine :
    Unreal Engine 4 (4.22)

Seeking to learn more about the new widget utility feature on UE4, I built this simple tool for users that work with a single monitor and might want to navigate or watch a video tutorial on a web browser without leaving the editor.

    How to use:

      Right click "EditorWebBrowser" widget, select "Run Editor Utility Widget" option.


  • Navigation Bar
  • Back
  • Forward
  • Reload
  • URL Box
  • Multiple Tabs - Add or remove web page tabs
  • Home page URL - Configure a a home page URL to be the default tab page

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Event Graph example
Function example
Events and Functions
Tabs logic
Utility running in editor

    Important/Additional Notes:

    This tool uses UE4 Web Browser built in plugin.

    ** To work properly users will need to enable the Web Browser plugin **

    This utility widget was built intended for editor mode only, it was not tested in runtime. Some javascripts or advanced html5 features might not work properly.