The Solar System Simulator

July 28, 2014

Project Details

  • Game Engine :
    Unreal Engine 4 (4.4)
  • Softwares : 3dsMax, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Absynth 5

Seeking to lear more about game development, I started my first interactive project. Inspired by Discovery Channel’s documentary “How the Universe Works” I decided to build an Interactive Solar System Panel inside Unreal Engine 4. I wanted it to be an experimental project, most of the things and features come up in the middle of the process. You can find even more details about this project clicking here.

For the UI part I used Adobe After Effects for the entire process (The techniques are the same as in Photoshop, but I prefer working with After Effects since I mostly work with motion graphics). The UI was inspired in minimal ID's and transparent menus from movies, games and Apple's buttons.

  • I’m not a sound designer but from my video production background I worked with simple audio techniques to equalize, remove noises, synth generators and music creation with instrument loops. For me sound is always a very important thing to take care. I decided to create some sound atmospheres and other interaction sounds for the buttons using Absynth 5 and Adobe Audition. After a couple recordings and audio treatments, I inserted them in the project and worked the sound cue attenuation for having different sound volumes accordly with the camera distance with the actors.

  • It took me 2-3 months working almost every day night at home after arriving from my job. For someone who never touched blueprints and had never work in a game engine I consider a win! :) I released the project files for free in the unreal forum. It has 3160 downloads and still counting!